Little Boots 'Hands' 10th Anniversary store

Created by Victoria Hesketh

Little Boots 'Hands' 10th Anniversary store of bonus and add on items

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After an incredible campaign, we are closing this Kickstarter...
5 months ago – Thu, May 07, 2020 at 01:02:35 AM

Thank you so much to everyone who has backed me here via Kickstarter and support the 'Hands' reissue vinyl, tour and much more. Its been an amazing and emotional experience and one I will never forget! 

I want to update that we are now officially closing this project so will not be responding to messages here any more. We still have a very small amount of unresponsive backers, we have sent many reminders now but have not been able to ship the final orders without your response including address details. So if this is you please get in touch ASAP at and we will assist in processing your order directly. Otherwise all orders with no response by 15th May will be automatically cancelled and refunded. 

I hope you will join me in the next journey of creating my fourth album over on Patreon, where I'm building a community to share the process of making an album from start to finish. I'll also be sharing unreleased demos and rare tracks, exclusive live stream gigs and merchandise so would love as many of our Kickstarter community as possible to be involved! Come and join the fun at

Best and huge thanks again, what a wonderful project I'm humbled to be a part of. 

LB x

Album 4 Live Q&A, Patreon Launch and Birthday Party today!
5 months ago – Wed, May 06, 2020 at 07:45:49 PM

Hi Everyone!

Its been a while, hope you are all OK in these crazy times. Thanks so much everyone who has been tuning in to my live streams, it's been so nice to feel a sense of community and connection through these. 

So today is my Birthday, and I'm having a little party later and would love you to come. I will be hanging out on Twitch playing some of my favourite records, talking about Album Four and answering any questions, as well also launching my brand new Patreon channel and explaining what it's all about.

I was absolutely blown away by the support of this Kickstarter campaign, and all profits from it have already been put towards the creation of the new full length studio album. 

However, in the current climate I find myself with at least a years worth of cancelled shows and performances, which is how I fund recording and releasing new music, and was planning to support the rest of creation and production of the next album. 

After lots of feedback and encouragement from the LB Fans Facebook group and messages on socials, I've decided to launch a Patreon channel. The idea behind Patreon is the old Romantic idea of Patronage, supporting an artist because you love what they create and want to help sustain that

Its a way for me to create a sustainable model beyond Kickstarter so I can keep writing and recording the new album, as well build an amazing community and a place I can share exclusive insight into the songwriting and creative process, unreleased demos, rarities and in progress songs as well as DJ mixes and remixes, you name it!

If you join during the month of May I will also be giving away a signed free copy of 'Working Girl' to the top two tier Patreons.

In the future I hope it will be a brilliant community and a way for us to create not only a new album but some beautiful physical products and exclusive merchandise, which I would love to get your direct thoughts and feedback on.

If you want to get involved and find out more you can do HERE!

Hope to see you at my party later, thanks so much for all the birthday messages. 

LB x

Final call for any lost/ missing orders!
8 months ago – Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 05:49:16 PM

Hi everyone!

I am back from my holiday and feeling refreshed and ready to work :-)

We are trying to get all things Kickstarter tied up by the end of this month so I can focus on starting work on a NEW album thanks to you guys and this campaign! Wow. That really is very cool.

So if you have still not received items or have any missing items or other problems please send a direct message here we will try to process this ASAP.

We are now VERY low on gold vinyl stock, so can make an appeal and ask if anyone has received an extra copy or reported it lost and the original turned up please let us know as if we have to order a new pressing it will be very costly and take a long time!

And a note on people saying their records are skipping or jumping - the pressing plant have told us that 90% of these issues are from dirt or dust in the vinyl or needle, or from the record played set up itself. So we would kindly ask before requesting a replacement to triple check your vinyl is clean and scratch free and record player is in good order, and if possible verify by playing on another system. If there really is a physical defect then we will send a replacement but as stock is now very low (I may not even have a copy left for myself haha!) we just want to check its definitely an issue.

We are hoping to have all of this tied up by the end of February and some point in March will put any remaining stock online (looking like there won't be much!)

All the best and hope you guys are good! Love all your photos of your goodies... its got me thinking what shall we make next?? Suggestions in comments please... :-)

LB x

Update on US/ Canada shipping and more!
8 months ago – Thu, Jan 23, 2020 at 04:22:33 PM

Hi guys

Just a quick update to let you know all US and Canadian orders are currently being processed. You will receive a notification from Backer Kit with tracking details when your order has shipped, we are anticipating this will be by this weekend or next week at the latest, so please look out for your items! I hope it will be worth the wait!

Orders everywhere else should now have been fulfilled and will be marked as fulfilled when you log in Backer Kit. If it is not fulfilled first check you completed your survey and locked your address, then get in touch with us here via direct message. 

I know there has been a delay with some shipments particularly to packages going to Mexico, Colombia and other parts of South America. We have heard some backers started to receive their pledges just this week so please be patient and hopefully it will arrive very soon ! If you still have nothing by the end of the month please get in touch with us here and we will investigate further. 

Thanks for all the lovely messages of support and I'm so happy to see you with your items across social media, thanks for sharing!

All the best and hopes this answers most questions, thanks for staying on this journey with me! Lots of exciting things planned for 2020 xx

Happy New Year!
9 months ago – Thu, Jan 02, 2020 at 11:36:09 PM

Hello everyone and happy new year!

I hope you had a restful and enjoyable break. 

Just a quick update on fulfilment :

US & CANADA - these will be fulfilled over the next couple of weeks by a US based team so look out for your orders! you will receive a notification when your order is fulfilled. we really appreciate your patience and hope it will be worth the wait :-)

UK & REST OF WORLD - the majority of these have now been shipped, if you have not received anything please wait a few more days as we have been experiencing big delays due to Christmas post. If nothing comes next week please drop us a direct message here and we will issue a replacement ASAP.

To send a direct message: visit the project page and click on the creator's profile name. This will open their bio page where you can then click the "Contact me" button

DAMAGED SLEEVES: we have sent out replacements for the majority of people who experienced damage by the courier/ weather from the first batch of orders that were fulfilled. We have taken your feedback on board and upgraded our packaging so it is much sturdier and resistant to the elements. The replacements will be black vinyl inside so feel free to keep these and just switch your sleeve to the new one for your gold copy!

SKIPPING VINYL: although the vast majority of people have experienced no faults with playing their records, we have had a few complaints about vinyl skipping. According to the pressing plant this is normal and often due to the initial playback set up or dust or dirt on the vinyl, so if you are experiencing an issue we would ask you to double check your set up is all in order and if possible try on another system. If the same issue is happening at the same place we are of course happy to issue you a replacement. Please drop us a direct message here and we can arrange this. 

Thanks for all of your kind messages over the Christmas period and all of your patience with the fulfilment process. I am personally feeling much better and refreshed and excited for the next decade, hope you are too and we can do this together!

All the Best

LB x